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The system board, the ideal supplement for working with constellation figures.

A bright, ventilated room, curiosity on both sides and as a "stage": the Moscher system board.

A precise milling divides the system board into an inner and outer field.

Easy to transport as the design is foldable, with internal hinges.

Dimensions 550 x 550 mm x 15 mm

Material: Multiplex birch, oiled

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The ideal complement to the system board.

So that the client can comfortably view the constellated family situation from several perspectives. The turntable is suitable for all common constellation boards / system boards.

  •     Material: Multiplex 16 mm,
  •     Size: 310 mm x 310 mm x 35 mm
  •     3-fold bearing
  •     surface 2-fold lacquered

The turntable is delivered assembled.

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The ideal complement to the system board.

Work with your clients either sitting or standing and show the result of the constellation work from different perspectives without leaving your seat.

The height-adjustable table with "Swivel function" With this version, you as the "Companion" decide how to work. Relaxed on the chair - table height 65 cm, or standing - table height max.100cm. The built-in rotating function allows you to take in all perspectives in a new and intensive way.

The turntable is suitable for all common system and set-up boards.

  •     Material: Multiplex 16 mm
  •     Base area: 330 mm x 330 mm
  •     Turntable with 3 bearings
  •     Surface 2-fold lacquered

The table is delivered assembled.

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High-quality felt shoulder bag with shoulder strap suitable for 1 system box and
1 system board.

For the protected transport of the Moscher system board and optionally the Moscher family box or Moscher business box.

Made by hand, very solid workmanship.

2 inner compartments, 1 rear zipped compartment for your writing documents.

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