Unique: Writeable set-up figures of the Artless Box provide an optimal overview

Those who set up with figures sometimes have to remember many positions: Which one stood for the father, the boss or the conflict? Who is looking where?

You can simply write on the figures in the Artless Box with the corresponding pens. This way, you as the person setting up or client/client always know who symbolises what and who is looking at whom or in which direction.

Later, the labelling can be easily removed with a damp cloth. In addition to the pens in the box, you can also use other water-soluble pens.


Are you involved in coaching, counselling or therapy? Then you probably know that figures are a helpful way, e.g. in individual work, to place systemic structures three-dimensionally in the room - even if it is small. They have advantages: chairs need more space. Human representatives have to be organised.

The figures from the Artlessbox appear light and almost "as if by chance" - and still create a high impact! Therefore, use them with pleasure for:

  •     Consultancy projects in entrepreneurs, human resource managers.
  •     To "set up" a team - how is it organised, who stands where?
  •     Organisations
  •     Supervision: Even if you want to reflect on your project or the client on his project.

Because they seem so neutral, you can give them any meaning. They are therefore a nice alternative to the classic gender-specific figures.
In the box you will find 24 placement elements in 2 different sizes and 3 different thicknesses. 32 additional wooden blocks in 4 colours help you to represent e.g. abstract elements like feelings.

As you can see:

    You can use them to set up complex structures.
    You can also vary, e.g. to show the client different ways to find a solution.
    You can ask him: What feels better, worse, the same or different? This way you can work in a very differentiated way - and take the caseworker with you at all times.

The set also includes the constellation surface. You can place the figures on it. It is located in the lid of the system box.


Writeable constellation figures, neutral and discreet

Details of the Artless Box 1


The MiniBox for on the road and always with you.

Details of the Artless Box 2