The Moscher business box - discreet figures for constellations around job and company

Not every business person finds it easy at the beginning of the joint work with the systemic consultant or coach to present their own concerns with wooden figures. It could seem "silly" or childish.


  • In confidential individual coaching in management & business.
  • In any consulting context for entrepreneurs, for specialist departments, for human resources departments, communication specialists, marketing and sales. Just about anywhere where things can get sticky...
  • The figures are also ideal for working with teams, because all those involved or present quickly get an overview and "see themselves from the outside".
  • Every form of organisation can be represented, even large groups. A single figure can represent a group, for example: "the new customers", "the existing customers", etc.
  • In business-oriented supervision, too, figures are excellent for quickly arriving at new insights.

The figures from the Moscher Businessbox help to overcome any mental "hurdle" the customer or client may have: Because the figures are very professionally designed. They have a discreet shape. Buyers have said that they are a "noble understatement in the field of systemic constellation figures that has become wood". We are pleased about that.

One more sentence on the experience of our figure buyers: The natural material of the wood also appeals to those business people who come across as somewhat distant at the beginning of the joint counselling work. Because the small systemic representatives fit exactly into the context of organisational concerns.

A tip: Let your counterpart take the figures out of the box. Touching and doing it yourself creates closeness. The figures can be easily disinfected - a matter of course in Corona times. Figures representing children are logically missing in the Moscher Businessbox.

As you can see: With the figures of the Moscher Businessbox in their luggage, every systemic consultant or coach can be seen everywhere. Even in the boardroom.

The function of the business box figures is to reveal seemingly hidden patterns of action in a company or organisation. For example, a conflict between sales and the implementing department that keeps boiling up.

This can be done by simply placing the figures on a table: for example, a team and its players can be depicted. A figure is placed on the table for each person involved. Or you can set up an organisation chart with the departments - if you want to or have to restructure. Or two disputants - e.g. a boss and his number two. Or the customers, the competitors, the former colleagues... Decisions that are made can also be set up with figures in this systemic way: Do you want to do it this way, or differently? Or perhaps quite differently again - or is there an (overlooked) compromise? There are the most diverse concerns.

Based on the position of the wooden figures in relation to each other, the distances and "attitudes" to the others, the patterns become apparent at a glance. By rearranging the figures together, your customers or clients quickly discover new possibilities during the counselling session: In the protected framework of coaching, they can simply "try things out" and try out scenarios. All relationships among each other become clearly perceptible in seconds - it is thus comprehensible and understandable.

Those who work with the figures of the Business Box, e.g. in supervision, will notice how much time can be saved if you don't beat around the bush for hours, but simply ask your counterpart: "Show me how you are positioned in this area! That's why the business figures are advisory tools in a class of their own. In this way, creative solutions can be found that fit the individual concern to a hair's breadth.

"I lovingly handcraft this set of figurines. They are individually made from certified solid oak and maple wood - in the standard version. Alternatively, there is the business box with 7 different woods," says Peter Moscher.


The business box is available in 4 variants, which differ in the colour of the wood.


The Moscher Business Box-Decent, Professional and Suitable for Business.

Details of business box standard, 2 colors


The Moscher Business Box-Decent, Professional and Suitable for Business.

Details of business box standard, 7 colors


The Moscher businessbox-decent, professional and suitable for business.

Details of business box modern, 2 colors


The Moscher businessbox-decent, professional and suitable for business.

Details of business box modern, 7 colors