Archangels and angels, is that possible?

Individual wooden figures for constellations: Angels, animals and symbols as custom-made products.

Constellations depict a diverse universe of inner images. The beautiful wooden figures from my workshop move people. They serve as helpful resources and can help to open souls for change and positive power.

On request I can also make unique figures for you.

Handmade, energetic and touching: These can be animals, symbols and also angels. Especially the latter, small mediators between the divine being and us humans, have a great radiant power.

Touching them and incorporating them into a figure constellation can help a client elementarily, e.g. with further personality development: In this way, a coachee can achieve more clarity, sovereignty and calmness. An angel serves as a strong companion.

Wooden angels and archangels as a resource - made by me on customer request.

Angels combine the caring with the forward-looking. The powerful archangels in dark wood optics offer the appropriate energy for many life tasks. For example, if the wooden figure embodies the archangel Gabriel, it can help in the search for the meaning of life - or strengthen one's own communication skills. Many constellators position them in the close environment of the client's proxy.

The light-coloured angels made of larch wood are friends of man; they give protection and self-confidence without imposing themselves. For some constellators, the friendly light beings embody the connection between the "here and now" and deep spirituality. As a wood artist, my work succeeds in giving the figures exactly the right emotionality.

Feel free to contact me about my large collection of ideas for wooden figures. I will make your personal constellation figures. A unique experience - for your clients as well as for you as a coach, counsellor and therapist.